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How to Participate?

PakComics brings you a platform where you can participate in Question & Answer Quiz and win fabulous prizes every month. Just you have to do is to send us the right answers and at the end of every week the correct answers of the last week's quiz will be published and we will announce the Q&A quiz winners at the main competition page and send them their prizes.

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 This Week's Q & A Quiz:

This Section is updated weekly

Quiz Topic: Harry Potter

Q1: How many horcruxes did Voldemort made?

A) Six
B) Five
C) Seven
D) Three

Q2: From whom did Voldemort take the Slytherin locket and Hufflepuff cup?

A) Hepizah Smith
B) Borgin
C) Morfin
D) Horace Slughorn

Q3: What was the name of Voldemort's mother?

A) Melody
B) Merissa
C) Merope
D) Marie

Q4: Which team did use to Victor Krum play for?

A) Irish
B) Puddlemore United
C) Chudley Cannons
D) Bulgarian

Q5: What did Grindelwald steal from Gregorovitch?

A) Elder Wand
B) Reserruction Stone
C) Invisibility Cloak
D) Grafildo Towel

Q6: Who was the Half Blood Prince?

A) Voldemort
B) Harry Potter
C) James Potter
D) Servus Snape

Q7: What was the name of Fluer and Bill daughter name?

A) Victorie
B) Rose
C) Lily
D) Kristen

Q8: Who owns the Pub the Three Broomsticks?

A) Madam Rosemarta
B) Aberforth
C) Borgin
D) Abel

Q9: Who is Teddy Lupin's God-Father?

A) Sirus Black
B) Ronald Weasly
C) Bill Weasly
D) Harry Potter

Q10: Who was padfoot?

A) Sirus Black
B) James Potter
C) Remus Lupin
D) Peter Pettigrew


Wish You Best of Luck!

Send your answers at: competition@pakcomics.com
with your complete name, address, phone, gender, age and email address.

Send your answers like the way given below:

Q1 = A
Q2 = B
Q3 = C



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